1800 Coconut Tequila

G’day guys. I come bearing liquor. I’m refraining from relating what I’m drinking to what the weather is doing, since in the last few posts I’ve said that it’s heating back up again and the weather would become chilly again. And vice versa. Hopefully this one will be treated likewise. As I hate hot weather.


Today I have a yummy flavoured tequila. From the label 1800. Coconut tequila. There’s a healthy vein of these sorts of coconut flavored tropical spirits on the market. A lot of people will immediately reference Malibu, the coconut infused rum. Ratu, was one I have had and liked, filtered through coconut charcoal as if to mirror the Lincoln County Process of Tennessee whiskey. This here, is a tequila that by whatever manner of addition is also coconut infused. Another hot summer night sipper.

1800, being the year the label claims to the year the world’s first premium tequila label was founded, this being itself. Officially, the first tequila label in existence overall was Jose Cuervo, being granted a license to distill in seventeen-fifty-eight by King Ferdinand VI. Until of course, when tequila production was banned in Mexico. The ban, repealed in seventeen-ninety-five. Five years later in the year of eighteen-hundred oaked tequila, reposado, was said to be perfected. 1800, owned by the Jose Cuervo label, was originally known as Cuervo 1800 as a premium tequila (changing the name in nineteen-seventy-five). For staying loyal to the original recipe of the eighteen-hundred formula for the spirit after the ban was lifted. The blanco, reposado and AƱejo bottles were launched in two-thousand-and-four, with this, the coconut flavoured bottle, being launched in the year sometime after two-thousand-and-six. Hereafter, the label is pretty cut and dry. A line of premium tequilas put forward by the Jose Cuervo label, in a more impressive casing.

The bottle itself is easily eye catching in appearance. A thick-walled trapezoidal shaped bottle – “reminiscent of the centuries-old Mayan stone pyramids found throughout Mexico and dressed with a crest”. With build similar to a robust decanter. And an oversized large, chunky cork, enveloped only in the palms of the brawniest of men. Certainly, only the most physically decrepit individuals will have difficulty removing it with the handhold it affords. The label on the coconut bottle specifically is colored an iridescent green, with the name of the “tequila maestro” handwritten on the label on the body and around the neck. The liqueur, bottled at a leisurely thirty five percent alcohol, a relaxed seventy proof. The cork, as it turns out, is in fact just a cap. I had hypothesized that this was to make removing the cork easy but apparently this is just flare. Consistent with the style of the bottle. Although it’s nice to know I can continue to grip it by the top without the bottle falling off the cap. As a coconut infused tequila, I had assumed it to mostly dominated by the nose and taste of coconut. To my surprise, the nose upon opening is in fact still a healthy, rich and sweet scent of agave. Organic and crisp, and only an underlying scent of coconut. The taste – Not any earthy or organic taste of any tequila. A thick, candy sweet taste. A syrupy liqueur texture. Full of the flavors of tequila and coconut, complimenting one another. With welcomed aftertaste of coconut.

To summarize: Yet another great hot night tropical spirit to drink on ice. Easy-going, smooth, and refreshing. Recommended. Cheers

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