God help me. Bloody COVID-19

G’day guys, Mitch here. You probably wondered why I uploaded that post a few days early. Well, I figured you may as well have this week’s now since as you might have guessed, the webpage is going into dry-dock for a while. The simple fact of the matter is, with all these police-enforced restrictions and lockdowns. It really is more trouble than it is worth to go into town to buy liquor when I would need to justify to a policeman my going out, and try and write out a full length blog every week, especially in my now crowded home.

This is especially annoying for more than just this website, I had other plans this year to start a business and buy my first home. But I can’t pretend I’m the only one miserable about this whole affair. I’m sure you will all join me in wishing that our world leaders and top scientific minds are already hard at work trying to remedy this and get us back to normal.

Stay safe!