Bundaberg Small Batch Spiced Rum

G’day guys. It’s that time of the year again, all around the region the roads are full of trucks topped with sugarcane, threshed from the maws of harvesters and piled into semi trailers. The roads are spotted with the flattened husks of sugarcane stalks, the sides of the road are littered with the leaves and stalks of sugarcane blown out the top of the overflowing trucks. The silo of the sugar mill blows it’s smoke high above the skyline, and the flow of water into the Mary River is clustered with fishermen angling for a bite. As the fish beneath the water flock to the flow of the sugary runoff of the mill. It’s the crushing season. The sugarcane is harvested across the country far and wide, and hauled off to the mills to be made into sugar, molasses, and rum!


So here we are again, with another addition from Bundaberg’s Master Distillers range. The Wide Bay’s own world class rum distillerie’s range of carefully crafted and selected rums. A spiced version of their small batch bottle. Something I’ve only just noticed recently and I’ve been saving for until now to do for the blog. There’s a lot of these spiced rums available on the market nowadays, with many varied and bountiful flavors. But like a lot of spirits, a lot of these are made intended to be used for cocktails or cooking. There’s tons of recipes out there, caramelized sugar bananas, fruitcakes, rum cakes, Carribean chicken, fruit pies, a lot of food calling for spiced rums. But there’s a fair few of good spiced rums meant to be drank neat out there, and I have to believe that our own Bundaberg rum are among them. I’ve only ever had one spiced rum before, Red Leg rum, a Jamaican rum. Full of tastes of vanilla bean and ginger, although that’s all written right there on the front of the bottle, so you don’t need me for that one. Hate it when they give away the game before you even uncork it, but if there weren’t those who didn’t like to know what they tasted like then this website wouldn’t get any attention. So let’s get to it.

We all know the story of Bundy’ rum. A label born from Queensland’s bountiful sugarcane industry. Before the twentieth century, there was eventually a point when there was such a good harvest there was so much molasses in the hands of laborers that inevitably, it was used to make rum. And in eighteen-eighty-six, the Bundaberg distilling company was officially founded. The small batch spiced rum, it’s said on the Bundaberg rum website, is infused with thirteen spices, fruit nectars and citrus zest. Advertised to display tastes of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, marmalade, dark caramel, golden syrup, star anise, ginger, raw cacao, black pepper and fresh licorice. The bottle itself, is completely identical to the standard small batch bottle, if it is not indeed the exact same. A thick-walled rectangular bottle with a gold capped cork, with the demeanour of a dearer bottle. The regular nose of Bundy’ rum is a dark, deeply rich scent of molasses, brown sugar, raisins and dark chocolate. As a spiced rum, this bottle gives an aroma of vanilla and a little lemon zest, on ice the vanilla scent dominates all with a full-bodied creaminess with scents of clove and orange, and hints of caramel. The taste – Full of flavors reflecting that of it’s appearance; tastes of golden syrup, honey, caramel, vanilla, an ever-present earthy-sweetness of dark rum, and a finishing sting of lemon.
In summary: An exquisite, and complex spirit with layers upon layers of tastes throughout to explore. The good blokes of the Bundaberg distilling company have done it again. As a Queensland boy, I can’t not recommend this spirit to anyone who wants a spiced rum. Fit for the most sunburnt of patios. Cheers

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