Bundaberg Tropics Mango & Passionfruit Rum

G’day guys. And welcome to another post of my website, an extra special post, in fact; As this Wednesday this will be uploaded on happens to fall on Christmas Day. So wherever you are, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you’re all somewhere nice and cool surrounded by friends and loved ones, food and drink. And remember to keep those fluids up, at this, probably the hottest part of the year. And Aunty Jo, I hope that passionfruit liqueur I got you is treating you nice.

I made the mistake of going away on holidays this year, again. Bad idea. Granted, I went to the Hunter Valley. So I got to visit a lot of nice wineries, taste a lot of nice liquor. Generally go on a socially acceptable bender for little reason other than someone else was paying for it. I have to have some posted up here to the Wide Bay so I can blog it. And if that was all I did, I would have gotten away with it without much arduousity. But it wasn’t up to me. I never learn. I don’t like big cities, I find trips to those big concrete wasp-nests about as relaxing as hand-feeding a starving lion. Do not like them. It was a huge sigh of fresh air to return to where I know and not have to peek over my shoulder for terrorism every five minutes. There’s an idea I heard of once on TV, called a staycation. Sounds unadventurous, now I know it’s actually genius. And now I’m back and my hometown has never felt homier and my bed never comfier. With only the chaos of Christmas Day to endure, we can relax and look forward to big annual New Year’s Eve piss-up. A big enough respite for me, so I can only imagine how those who work full time in retail and hospitality this time of year feel. Christmas is a mixed blessing. A lot of parties, but a dense clustering of people wherever you go. A childhood-nostalgic part of the year, but also the heat of the summer. That brings back a lot of fond memories of all Christmases past. Christmas Day in the Queensland heartland won’t be complete without Bundaberg Rum. The pride of the Australian spirits industry. The label of choice of millions of Aussie drinkers. And there would be something very wrong if I did not see it in abundance there on the day. Wherein, I will be drinking the following – The Mango and Passionfruit flavoring of their Tropics range. A simple but effective liqueur variation of their rum line.

The Bundaberg Tropics line is put forward, as I overheard once in a liquor store is “more of a punch mixer”. An infusion of their as since discontinued white rum bottle, that splits into two separate flavorings. Both authentically Queensland. Their Pineapple and Coconut, and this – their Mango and Passionfruit. Displaying upon it a scene of rural Australia, in the land where it is raised and revered. And if you don’t like it, it peels off too, revealing an almost gimmick free clear bottle. A delectable little liqueur that is put forward as a mixer. The drinker being invited to “Mix Bundaberg Tropics Mango and Passionfruit with crisp soda in a jug, top with ice and enjoy with mates for the perfect summer drink.” But I disagree with that open shut theory. I know for a fact that this is more than nice enough to drink neat. As I shall now demonstrate – This would usually be the point where I’d give you some insight as to the nose. I’ll give one guess what it smells like, and if you can’t guess what it smells like, then I have well and truly given up hope in humanity. Rich with thick, sweet fruity scents of ripe tropical fruit. The fruits of the labor of the Queensland’s agricultural industry. The drink is a clear white spirit. Clear as vodka, but vodka is an unforgiving and rude selection. This rum openly entices you in, like a cooling blue crashing coastline. With visible sediment to boot. The taste; surprisingly sedate when compared to the nose. A refreshing and smooth entrance, tastes developing of delicious, succulent mango and zesty fresh passionfruit. A delicious liqueur, that makes up for taste where it lacks in strength. Hey, it’s Christmas, you’re entitled to a tipple!

And again, I hope you’re all somewhere nice and cool. Have a safe and Merry Christmas to my friends, family, followers. And especially our brave firefighters, who have given up their time, their manpower, their holidays, and tragically in some cases even their lives to fight these horrid bushfires these past weeks. Cheers!

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