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G’day guys. And welcome to a post regarding a subject that I neglected to read about as much as I should for somebody who calls himself Malt Liquor Mitch. And I’d like to do it now before the business that I intend this year to entail comes about – Beer. So we’re revisiting that nationally proclaimed craft label Feral. But before I do, speaking of the nation; I’d like to draw attention to all of those people who donated their time, effort, money and manpower to the fighting of the recent Australian bushfires. A call to action that has been answered by people from around the world. So thank you to everyone…except those who attempted to use the bushfires as a pawn for their climate-change campaign, thank you for making it impossible for my age group to be taken seriously.

So, this beer I’ve come across, it was actually one of the first I ever tried a while back. A type of beer that is seen fairly rarely unless deliberately looked for. Let me set the scene for you – You’re hanging out with your mates all day, you’re cleaning out the tinny after a fishing trip, filleting fish, working on a project car, playing PlayStation, watching The Grand Tour, whatever. You know, just hanging out, drinking beer. You’ve got a whole day free. You want a drink, but don’t need any super-powerful rowdy strong drink. Enter the session ale. A pale ale of deliberately low alcohol content for the specific purpose of being enjoyed in a number of glasses. This beer sees a lot of action in the craft beer scene. It traces it’s origins back loosely to first World War England. With labor strained workers, manufacturing munitions and arms for the war effort. They were only ever allowed a short stint of time off work to keep the war machine running, and it is here that the existence of session ale is rumored to be born from. Trying to squeeze as much joy as possible out of a handful of glasses before they had to return to the unending agony of labor but without the fear of their bosses catching them stagger back to work plastered. Wish I had known about this a few years ago, I had a job like that a few years ago. With more and more labels of beers and whiskeys, entertaining the idea of a heady and potent drink to fuel a wild party or in my case, recharge your social stamina and not strangle anyone. It’s unusual to find a drink that is deliberately laid-back and light. But of course, this does support the theory of drinking for the taste of the drink, rather than the content. Most wine for instance, is not often very potent and much more time is spent analyzing the flavor enjoying it. And while whiskey, may be an overlapping of those two persuasions, beer so too is often more concentrated on the taste, rather than the content. And, not to spoil the ending, but this beer does have a distinct taste.

A case study in marketing, grabbing buyer’s attention – What drew my eye originally to this beer was it’s artwork. Feral beer puts great work into making their beers labelling very eye-catching and memorable. This may not be their best example, per-se, but is definitely my favorite. Why? The fox. Foxes are one of my favorite animals. Evident when you consider it’s the only animal I have tattooed on me. A great character of symbolism it may be, in this country to many it is little more than another introduced pest species. Depicted on the can, living out it’s accursed nature, chasing chickens. Behavior that doesn’t do it any favors when in range of a firearm. Hence it’s appearance to the Feral range. The name “Sly Fox”, were this any other than a session ale, I’d chalk this up to this being a deceptively strong drink. Oh, and incidentally, this is the first can I’ve ever drank on this site. So let’s dive in.

The nose upon opening is extremely fruity, vibrant and light. Nose of mango, passionfruit, kiwifruit, orange. Very little hops if any. The taste, lighter still. A very dominant fruity palette. A front of mango, tastes of passionfruit follow on. And an exit taste of fresh, crusty bread. A very leisurely, relaxing mouthful.

To summarize: We should thank the label’s quality of conscience that they only thought to apply whatever beauteous, excellently crafted practice to a session ale. Had this been a full strength brew, it would have dire repercussions. This is a great beer. One to keep the designated driver happy between whatever they drink while they post their mates drunken shenanigans on Instagram, one to sip while you do house chores, need to be up bright and early tomorrow morning, or just are perfectly content sipping light beer tonight. Definitely worth trying. Cheers!

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