Jameson Distiller’s Safe Irish Whiskey

G’day guys. We’re coming up on Saint Patrick’s Day, and the stores are putting out sales and stands in anticipation of the celebrations of outstanding Irish beers, whiskies, liqueurs and cocktails. A big day full of green decor, food dye and those tiny plastic leprechaun hats. Basically Christmas for liquor connoisseurs. And I’m all on board! Irish whiskey is definitely my favorite and I’m eager to celebrate it on my site.

For this post, I really lucked out and scored a marked-down top-shelf Irish whiskey that should have been beyond my willing grasp. A one hundred and ten dollar bottle. Certainly, something more expensive than something I’d ordinarily spend on myself on for just a casual drink. But for this celebration of the Emerald Isle, it’s just what the doctor asked for. A prestigious bottle by the star covergirl of the whole classification of Irish whiskey – Jameson. The hugely successful label of whiskey, ironically the name came from a Scot that married into the family that owned the original distillery. Jameson’s baseline triple distilled whiskey is already a very leisurely and easily indulged malt, available virtually anywhere and enjoyed by millions all over the world. Very smooth. So for them, the creators of this wallet-friendly and easygoing bottle to go from this to an expensive, top-shelf whiskey is an intended assurance of quality. Part of the range of their over one hundred dollar range The Whiskey Makers Series; their Cooper’s Croze, the Blender’s Dog, and this – The Distiller’s Safe. Giving their expert master distiller’s free rein to use their abilities to their full potential.

So what specifically is the Distiller’s Safe bragging right? The whiskey is the product of Jameson head distiller Brian Nation. A dedication to the attributing characteristics of the pot still. “The safe is used for managing each whiskey’s specific style” – The safe, must then be the phrase for the distiller’s screening and tasting process. This bottle then, must be a select strain of an exemplary strain of whiskey set aside by the distillery. From the outside we observe a pale, straw-coloured whiskey, lightly aged presumably in ex-bourbon barrels. The nose upon first opening is full of light, subtle notes of toffee and caramel, overshadowed by a generous aroma of oak. In a glass, the liquor is so pale that it can easily be mistaken at a glance for a liqueur or a tequila. The entrance is extremely smooth. The taste is not an overwhelming one, it doesn’t shout or force it upon you. Notes of a florally softness, caramel, mocha, toffee. A warm gooey-sweetness of a perfect dessert. With the traditional exiting spice of Irish whiskey. With that same lingering taste that you smelt on the nose of caramelly toffee sweetness. An exceptionally smooth whiskey that will warm your insides and calm your head. The regular Jameson never left a lot to be desired, but this has sure sanded over any rough edges it possessed. Great work! That’s all folks. Short one this week. I’d have gotten more information on this but at the time of this post the webpage was down so I couldn’t get more useful insider information. But as always like all great liquors this must be tasted to truly experience it.

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