Making the Best Irish Coffee

G’day guys. I feel this blog already talks about coffee more than it already should for a site whose key focus is not coffee, but I felt there was an article left unexploited. Four weeks ago today, I wrote about the Jameson Cold Brew. And through whimsy, compared the standalone liquor to the cocktail, the Irish Coffee. That often thrown about punchline of alcoholism and stressed persons (if I need to tell you which heading I fall under, clearly you haven’t advertised a position for work in Maryborough over the last five years). And the thought passed my mind that through the running of this site, I had in my position, a selection of liquors to choose from to use in the cocktail. So, since I had only had one Irish coffee before in my life, and was displeased with that. I thought I could juice a vlog out of the premise of which made the best Irish coffee, out of the Finnlaigh blended Irish whiskey, O’Mara’s Irish Country Cream, and the Jameson Cold Brew.

To be completely obvious, all the jokes and clich├ęs surrounding the Irish Coffees went completely over my head until this article. As I learned, the problem with Irish Coffees is they are not often sweetened enough. And that, the point of an Irish Coffee may well be to sneak a cheeky drink of whiskey on those mornings when life’s charms have seemed to have worn out a decade or two ago, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by adding more whiskey. Making it impossible for the flavours to commingle effectively.

My perfected recipe for an Irish Coffee reads as follows –

  • Brew a cup of hot black coffee
  • Add a shot (thirty millilitres or one fluid ounce, however you say it) and two teaspoons of brown sugar, or until sweetened to your liking. Mix well
  • Float a cap of whipped cream on top
  • Serve with a straw

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