O’Mara’s Irish Country Cream

G’day guys. I’m glad I made this week a double header, as I was yet again sick at the beginning of this week. So that bought me some time. I’ve decided in the past against writing about liqueurs, but thankfully I’ve uncovered a nice batch of ones that aren’t as simple as what’s on the tin.


This one is a very yummy one, O’Mara’s Irish Country Cream. This is another one that was introduced to me at a tasting. It, like the more popular Bailey’s is a concoction of cream and Irish whiskey. And like it, comes in a generous slew of different flavors. Irish cream liqueur is the pivoting point of many a cocktail, and loved by many. Your White Russians, your Irish Coffees, spiked hot chocolates, your delicious winter-time cocktails, shooters. This liqueur, the O’Mara’s Irish Country Cream is one that goes beyond the call of duty. As well as the customary blend of Irish whiskey and cream, it is also said to incorporate wine into the mix. I would continue on at this point and tell you of what I have heard from others of how the master distiller of the label goes to great lengths to carefully select the best creams for the liqueur and any more info I can lay claim to. But once again, we receive a total lack thereof. I guess anybody Googling Irish creams is probably more occupied searching cocktail recipes than how and why O’Mara’s is what it is. Very frustrating. So I guess both of this week’s articles are going to be short and punchy. Despite my best efforts, I spent a few days trying to stretch this one out but I can only do so much with what I have to work with, you can’t make the Iron Man suit out of an old laptop and scrap aluminium (Well, I couldn’t. Tony Stark could make it in a cave. With a box of scraps). After the equally nightmarish article last week, I can at least take pride that at least this week I was in an able position to take some decent, and what turned out to be very nice photos. Even if the written word side hit a blockade. You know I take this site seriously, so I won’t waste time searching for what I’ve seen isn’t there and continue on from here, and make sure the next article is better.

The bottle itself is not unlike their competitors. A black bottle with gold colored trim. A three leafed Celtic cross beared upon the cap and embossed into the bottle. The nose upon opening is expectedly heavy and creamy, thick of notes of chocolate and hints of fudge. Over ice, the liqueur delivers a thin veneer of fine milk chocolate and hazelnut. And the taste, a delicious and indulgent flavor of milk, chocolate, hazelnut, and a generous hit of white sugar, sweetening the whole deal. Even a slight hint of strawberry in the mix. Assumably the contribution of whatever wine was used.

In summary: The O’Mara’s Country Cream is a whole separate animal to the status-quo Bailey’s. Bailey’s, playing from memory was a creamy thickness. O’Mara’s, a sweet smooth more fluidic cream liqueur. The subject has already come up at this point, and I’m certain you reading this already will already have wondered if O’Mara’s is just a cheaper version of Bailey’s. It isn’t. The class of cream liqueur needs more labels, the entire classification need not, should not confined to a single label. In short, it passes, without doubt.

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