Proper No.Twelve Irish Whiskey

G’day g’day. How’s life treating you? Malt Liquor Mitch here. So, here’s a bottle that’s been on the to-do list for a while. One that’s been requested a few times. And like last week’s, is a fairly new addition to the local shelves. Not that there can ever be too many Irish whiskies. So let’s see where this one stands in reference to it’s competitors on the shelves; The entry level Irish whiskies – Jameson, Finnlaigh, Bushmills, Slane, Kilbeggan, Tullamore Dew, and obviously Paddy’s.


There’s a lot of celebrity-founded and backed products out there. The former S.A.S. soldier turned T.V. star Bear Grylls, lent his title to Gerber to use on their line of survival knives. For B.C.F. to flog. George Foreman lended his likeness to a grill press. There’s tons of beauty and wellness products on the market at the pharmacy backed by all of those famous actresses and models. And apparently, everybody else just endorses liquor. There’s Deadpool’s Aviation gin. Batman’s signature is beared upon every bottle of Casamigo’s tequila (I’ll save you a Google search – George Clooney). And there’s the famous Crystal Skull Vodka, by the Blues Brother and original Ghostbuster – Dan Akyroyd, that got ribbed all over YouTube. No, I don’t see how filtering vodka through crystals would make the slightest difference to the taste either, but the one thing we don’t need anymore of in this world is cynical sarcastic YouTubers. And as for this whiskey, it’s founded by that famous Irish wrestler – Conor McGregor. As a Google search online will inform you immediately. It comes up on it’s homepage as, “Conor McGregor’s whiskey”. So clearly, he takes pride in this. So let’s see what the wrestler created.


Upon first impression, the bottle looks cool. (Yes, I will use that word, I’ve been holding it in reserve so it maintains some meaning. This isn’t an Aston Martin DB9 we’re talking about here, but it still does fit the bill) The black label, with the Celtic decorations bears a logo of a roaring tiger wearing a crown. Looks like a tattoo. As it is. A combination of McGregor’s trademark two tattoos, his gorilla chest piece, a gorilla wearing a crown with a human heart in it’s fangs. And his stomach piece, a tiger. If you were won over by this, what have you bought? The whiskey is said to be the created blend of a master distiller hired by McGregor. Promoting itself as a “blend of sweet Irish grain and single malt Irish whiskey. The result, a smooth balanced whiskey with hints of vanilla, honey-like sweetness and toasted wood”. So, celebrity attributions aside, this is yet another welcomed addition of another blended Irish whiskey to the shelves. A carefully and deliberately blended concoction of grainy and organic taste, smooth in texture, and an exiting spice. So let’s see if this lives up to that.

The bottle exhibits all the signs of being a serious Irish whiskey. The bottle is a classic wine bottle style green, closed with a cork. Upon the pop of the cork, the nose is surprisingly generous in vanilla. Certainly, many Irish whiskies claim to possess noses of vanilla, but none presents themselves as unequivocally as this one. Also present are toasty notes, noses of hot caramel, and an ever present organic flavor of straw. Unique of an Irish whiskey. As for the taste? Unique as well. Not the typical taste of blended malt barley, a malty taste, smooth in majority and spicy when it’s wanted. But a new and bold, sweet flavors of caramel, vanilla. Toasty and confectionery tastes, an aftertaste of honey


To summarize: This isn’t your typical, traditional Irish whiskey. This is a more unique, independent bottle that stands alone on the shelf. Some experimenting was had to create this bottle. If you know who Conor McGregor, then you probably already know more about the guy that I do. The extent of my knowledge is – He is an Irish Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter, with some cool ink, and a green Lamborghini Huracan. He lost that big fight that was the only reason I knew about him, but the next thing I saw of him online was him sitting on a private jet next to a huge pile of cash, so I sincerely doubt he cares. So, for all you workout enthusiasts, gym-goers, or U.F.C. fans, if you’re looking for a little something to unwind with after a workout sesh. Here’s the fighter’s whiskey.

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