The Dubliner Honeycomb Irish Whiskey Liqueur

G’day guys. Malt Liquor Mitch back, sneaking in one last article for the decade. This one was always going to be unavoidably short, so I thought I’d slot it in now, while work is busy to make life easier. I decided to move this post forward to Tuesday instead of Wednesday to post on New Years Eve. Since everybody is usually sick as a dog at the very thought of another drink on New Years Day morning after bringing in the New Year with a night of running your liver in top gear all night. So here’s some food for thought for your drink of choice for tonight’s celebration with some Irish whiskey liqueur.

Here’s an old familiar label to the Malt Liquor Mitch website, the Dubliner. Which, in fact was the first Irish label I ever featured on this site looking back. I’ve still kept a bottle from their very first batch. A very agreeable whiskey. The standard bottle is aged in used Kentucky bourbon barrels, and passes over some infusions into the taste of the Irish whiskey. This is the more popular bottle in their line – Their Honeycomb Liqueur. So all this being said, the Dubliner is still very much with us and is flying off shelves. Sold aside the registers of many a liquor store. People are lapping it up. So, let’s see why everyone loves this one. The same bottle as every other in their range, save for the red label with a honeycomb pattern discreetly upon it. From the moment you open it, you’re welcomed with a warm, moist scent of fresh and rich honey. On the palette, the liqueur has a moderately syrupy texture. Very sweet. Chocolatey, honey, caramelly tastes. Like a Crunchie. But disappointingly, no character whatsoever of Irish whiskey. Interpret this review anyway you want – As an Irish whiskey, it fails. Exhibiting no character of the regular Dubliner, a Jameson, or any other silky-smooth, refreshing Irish malt. As a whiskey liqueur, it passes, I’d go as far as saying it excels. Certainly, I totally understand why this leaves Dan Murphy’s in box loads. So, as a general product review – Yes, I would recommend this to any who asked of it.

Like I said; Unavoidably short. I tried to stretch this post out for two days, and this is the best I could do. Oh well, I like to think I got across all I needed to say nonetheless. And now, to quote every single dad putting their children to bed on New Years Eve night – “See you next year!”

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