Whisky Loot Australian Whisky tasting pack

G’day guys. I am a very happy boy today for two reasons. One, because my latest tattoo has received some more work. So far it’s had about four and a half hours of work in total and I’m very happy with the result so far. It’s still not finished, but it need only a few more sessions to get there. Those who are interested can see it in the embedded YouTube video. That was the second reason. For those who don’t know and don’t have tattoos, you have to be absolutely plum dead sober so the ink goes in properly, which means I went dry the night before. And my Lord, I am dying for a good stiff drink now after that tattoo. My arm is very sore after that session. And what better a drink than, at long last on this website, Australian whisky. Domestic, homegrown, Aussie malt liquor. From the country in which I live and breathe.

Welcome to a long overdue YouTube-based article, circling round a sample of something I don’t get to indulge nearly enough in, Australian whisky. I apologise it has been longer than I’d have like it to have been between videos. But the following was only available through the post, and took far longer to arrive than I had anticipated, thank you Easter Holidays, but if it was worth doing it was worth doing right. What I come before you presenting today comes to us from a brand called “Whisky Loot”. A Sydney-based company that specialises in providing small tasting samples of all kinds of whiskies directly from distilleries. And from what I read on their website, their goal is to deliver to consumers the exact same thing I go looking for. In that “Our ambition is to make you as passionate about whisky as we are. It’s a big ask. But we are confident that Whisky Loot can help you to love Whisky every bit as much as us.” So me, and the good people of Whisky Loot should get along just fine. After the chaos of the Easter Holidays, A.N.Z.A.C. Day, all those days Postman Pat had off, eventually one morning I received a promising parcel in the post I couldn’t help noticed sounded reassuringly liquid. Upon opening the parcel, I was met with a pleasingly appointed glossy white box, so informing me of my acquisition – “Here is the whisky you ordered”. I put the box aside until I was prepared to film the video, since I wanted to include a timelapse of my tattoo in the video, so as when I opened it I would capture my reactions upon opening it. So until the point I opened it I had no idea what it was I actually possessed…

For those interested, I have since looked on the Whisky Loot site. Their tasting packs on offer are – The Age Statement box, the Bourbon Cask box, the Top Shelf whisky tasting pack, Sherry cask whisky tasting pack, Cask Stories whisky tasting packs, among many others. They also sell whole bottles, and offer subscriptions. Something the whiskey-appreciater in your life would certainly care for. So once again, thank you Whisky Loot. And the same to the people of Dan Murphy’s for making me, your consumer, aware of this company. Cheers, and I look forward to tasting many other of our home soil’s endeavours in malt liquor and wish our Australian whisky labels the very best.


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